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JULY 15TH 2023

We just started this page on July 15th 2023 with just a very basic layout and will add information, pictures and descriptions as well as updates as the project happens. 


Starting in Summer of 2023 and continuing over the next few years we will be working in stages to develop flowering and grassing areas in the common area specifically in the drainage and wetter areas.

Please see our LANDSCAPE PLAN in file on our documents page.It's part of our Power Point 2023 HOA meeting. We will update the project here as we go over the next 5 years 2023-2028.

Entry sign flowering enhancement and solar lighting

Summer Wind Intro Stone.JPG
Short Grass Sample.jpg

Sample picture of flowers.

Summer Wind Landscape Project.JPG

Southern end of the common area..

Rain Garden

Seed Mix


This will be a custom mix to include:

Rain Garden Species List Flowers: Meadow

Anemone, Blue Flag Iris, Golden Alexander, Cardinal

Flower, Swamp Milkweed, Meadow Blazingstar,

Turtlehead, Brown Eye Susans, Riddell’s Goldenrod,



Summer Wind Commons.JPG

Common Area .

The common area will remain open. Areas per the plan will boarder strategic areas of natural growth near the low areas to aid in minimizing standing water during those rare times when we have exceptional wet times.

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