Summer Wind HOA Hartford, WI
Summer Wind HOA Hartford, WI

Summer Wind HOA Hartford, WI
Summer Wind HOA Hartford, WI


Summer Wind HOA Hartford, WI
Summer Wind HOA Hartford, WI


Welcome to Summer Wind HOA - Hartford, WI


Summer Wind is one of Washington County's best kept secrets.  The subdivision was established in 2004 and is nestled between Hartford's Independence Park and the beautiful conservation areas of the Wilson Wetlands.  This quiet and secluded development is comprised of 105 home sites and offers homeowners the chance to raise their families and experience the beauty of the wetlands right in their own backyard.   


Summer Wind Subdivision features an active Homeowner's Association with affordable annual dues.  The Homeowner's Association has been established to maintain the beauty and integrity of our community. 


To learn more about Summer Wind and the Homeowner's Association please visit the "About Our Community" page.


To learn more about the restrictions and by-laws that govern our community please visit the "Documents" page.  



           Summer Wind 

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HOA Member Updates - October 20, 2020


Attention HOA Members...COVID!!!!

Social activities are on hold for now... check back here but it is best to check in at FACEBOOK for helping needs and any small events. 

Hartford Trick or Treat Sat Oct 31st 4-6

Christmas Parade Sat Nov 14th 3-5

HOA 2021 Annual Members Meeting most likely will be in March at the Hartford Jack Russel Library. An exact date will be determined around February.

IF you need to contact the the HOA BOARD please use

or email the President or VP. Emails on the contact page.


We are still working on a few details yet as to some past files and links and some contact info. Please browse through all of the pages. We will post here any special social event information and future HOA meetings here.

A couple points from March 7th 2020 meeting are: YEARLY DUES STAY AT $75. (Reduced to $40 for Covid)

1)We are looking for a Social committee leader. We thank Maria for her work last year especially for the Summer Party!!! Also we need people to help rotate out board positions. The current people have been there for a number of years.

Steve has resigned from our Architectural position. Thanks Steve for covering this important area!!

2)Drainage possibilities long term for the inner area's.

3)Street sweeping call the city for the gravel residue.

4) Planting and beautification of our Summer Wind sign for this year.

5) Participation in Hartford's Rummage sale May 30th 2020 ....and any other later Summer Wind exclusive dates.

6) Social Activities: Summer Party. Halloween  and Youth activities during 2020.

Summer Wind has a number of neighborhood activities and events that pop up throughout the year that are part of our neighborhood. There are a number of committees available. The annual HOA members meeting (March/April) gives members the opportunity to get together to recap and discuss the business and social topics of Summer Wind.

FACEBOOK is used A LOT daily, by members (closed group just for us) to keep in contact, give info, alerts, ask for,needs and quick helps, and any number of daily neighborly things that may happen. 


Serve on the board opportunities: The current board members have been active for a few years now and we are looking for members to fill in. There is not much to do but the positions need to be filled for the HOA.

Just a reminder...

HOA members yearly dues are invoice dated July 1st and have a pay by date of JULY 30th 2020. Annual dues are $75. The invoices are mailed out the last week of June.(COVID REDUCED this year 2020) to $40.


Here are the latest files for our HOA expenses and budget in Excel. Jump over to the documents page for many more past documents, By-Laws/Restrictions architectural info  and amendments as well as past issues of the BREEZE

Summer Wind HOA members...In addition to our website, to keep in touch with your neighbors, please request to join our group on Facebook for all of the latest updates, events and activities.